Child and adolescent
mental health assessment
and treatment.
Child and adolescent
mental health assessment
and treatment.

expert witness and writing for Family, Criminal and Civil courts

We provide quality and time saving expert assessment and reports for Family, Criminal and civil courts.
We are also involved in NHS waiting list initiatives for ASD and ADHD.
We undertake psychometric, educational and sensory profile assessments for children and adults with ASD, ADHD and other Neurodevelopmental disorders.


Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

The correct diagnosis of mental health issues is quintessential in providing the appropriate treatment guideline. Mental health assessment is done following the guidelines and screening criteria set specifically for such cases. Our assessments can be used to proceed with treatments, as well as for use in legal reports in family, criminal and civil courts.

Child and adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing
assessments including medico-legal reports and
Neurodevelopmental assessments

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Asperger
  • Family court
  • Criminal court
  • Children
  • Adolescent
  • Family
  • Adult mental health problems