Our experience in the field of Mental Health Assessment and Court case report writing has helped us gain the trust and confidence of many families.
Our services include assessments, reports (court case or otherwise), treatment and therapy guidelines and referrals among others.

Neurodevelopmental Assessment

This include assessment of such disorders like Autism spectrum, Attention Deficit and hyperactivity, learning disability and difficulties and motor movement disorders.

Our testing will cover various mental functions largely related to problem solving, conceptualization and other abilities such as neuro-motor, perception, learning, attention, speech, motor planning, language, behaviour, and cognition.
A comprehensive assessment will help in drawing out the best support route that will prove most beneficial.

Court Reports

We specialize in professional court report writing. Our expertwitnesses are trained and have CPD appraisals to meet the highest possible standard of report writing and have regular appraisals in keeping with changes in the judicial and medico-legal systems.
We are able to receive instructions from both private and public sponsored cases. In some cases our experts can complete an assessment and report within a week of first contact with the client.


Secure email network

We also have a secure email network with local authorities, NHS and the courts. We can use secured video links to give evidence in court. This way we help clients to save cost and time involved in personal visitations without any compromises in the expert witness’ opinion and reports.

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

The correct diagnosis of mental health issues is quintessential in providing the appropriate treatment guideline. Mental health assessment is done following the guidelines and screening criteria set specifically for such cases. Our assessments can be used to proceed with treatments, as well as for use in legal reports in family, criminal and civil courts.

Medical Insurance Referrals Services

We accept referrals from healthcare insurance companies. We are registered with AXA PPP Healthcare, BUPA Healthcare, and AVIVA Healthcare.

Educational Psychology Assessment

An educational psychology assessment can help identify the underlying root cause of your child’s learning issues such as behaviour, attention span or cognitive functioning. Diagnosis of any Learning Difficulties can help your child by starting the proper therapy at the earliest possible and ensure smoother course through school and education. It will also be helpful in helping the child cope with other mental disturbances such as anxiety or depression. All areas will be assessed through tests appropriate for that child’s age and level, in order to be able to lead them to a successful treatment.


This helps in measuring both mental capabilities and processes in order to better understand the skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes of the individual patient and cope with any difficulties in these areas.