At ED Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Experts Limited, we mainly specialize in providing you with expert opinions on Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychiatry related issues.

We know that childhood and adolescence are very important stage of psychosocial development where the mental make-up sets a pattern for the adult they will be soon growing into. This is the age where ideologies and personalities develop and take shape.

Our team of experts specializes inassessment and management across the specialties of protocol inpsychiatry, psychology, speech / language therapy and occupational therapy.

Expert Witness Work

We provide expert witness opinion and reports for Family, Civil and Criminal case proceedings for both legal aid and private funded cases. Our report writers are CPD approved to meet the highest standards of court report writing and we can deliver our expert opinion report in less than a week’s time as the urgency of case demands in most cases.

Our experts could also present themselves as expert witnesses in person or via video links according to the need of the case. They can travel anywhere in UK as expert witnesses and for assessment cases


Special Services

ED Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Experts Limited is also involved in various special corporate organization initiatives such as.

  • NHS Waiting List Initiatives: we can help with waiting list initiatives for various neuro-developmental NHS and private sector pathways and setting up of assessment pathways, in order to help families receive the optimal therapy without having to go through extensive delays and waiting periods.
  • Medical Insurance Referrals We also receive referrals from healthcare insurance companies

Our Goals

Our goal is to helpchildren, adolescents and familiesget better and stronger emotionally and mentally.